The distraction of some social media takes it’s toll on the creative aspects of blogging and veggie talk!

It’s been about month since my last market post. It’s not that we don’t have much to say but we can easily and quickly convey progress and information on our FB page. Unfortunate! FB has it’s place in the communication world since it keeps things fast and short but it’s too easy and quick!  I remember deriving so much pleasure out of creating a blog post, honing it, searching for the best descriptive words while announcing the latest market news.   I really must return regularly to this medium to expand on our market news!

John's juicy peaches

John’s tasty peaches


Savi selling her soothing salve

Savi selling her soothing salve


local blueberries

local blueberries


The weather has been hot and humid but thus far we have escaped the usual storms and rain that have plagued us in previous years.    Whatever the afternoon brings us, we do hope it brings us the smiling friendly faces of our steady customers.    The season is humming along  becoming more plentiful each week, filling up the vendor tables with wonderful choices for you.

Stop by.  We’ll be ever so glad to see ya!



WE HAVE A DATE!! Are you ready?

The market will open on Thursday, May 1st @ the Buck Mountain Episcopal Church on 4167 Earlysville Road, our location last year.
Come join us. You’ll see our familiar friendly faces plus some new members.

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tomatoes and squash, great in salads, soups, sauteed, sauces

tomatoes and squash, great in salads, soups, sauteed, sauces

Sassy Strawberry Pie

Sassy Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Pam & Jimmy' s veggies

Pam & Jimmy’ s veggies

Little Neva's Macaroon Fudgies

Little Neva’s Macaroon Fudgies

Belleau Kitchen: thyme honey loaf with fresh thyme and poppy seeds

A lovely loaf of bread from Belleau Kitchen… I can smell the fragrance of the finished bread as if it were in my kitchen now.    Try it and see how quickly it disappears…  yummy!   A plus.. you will find local HONEY at our market.

Belleau Kitchen: thyme honey loaf with fresh thyme and poppy seeds.

Summer Recipes for a Crock Pot | Eating Well

I am certain you will find these recipes easy to use this summer.  Crock Pots are wonderful time savers, or should I say freer uppers!!  Assemble the meal in the morning and spend the day at the pool, gardening, take a day trip, go to a civil war battlefield,  whatever, then stop at the market on your way home for some veggies, fruit and/ or dessert!!   Enjoy that delish meal you already have waiting upon your return!

Summer Recipes for a Crock Pot | Eating Well.

see the recipes

REMEMBER………. in case you crave PULLED PORK and don’t have it cooking in the crock pot, you can pick up locally made pulled pork from our #1 Favorite Vendor 2011, John Faulknier.   He and wife Pat make delicious pulled pork.  Look for their wooden PIG sign at their produce tent at the Earlysville Farmers Market.

Our Market has such unusually GOOD produce

Take a look at this unique unusually good yellow squash grown on Lettuce Grow Farm, in Barboursville.    Make sure you stop by our market to see all manner of unique produce and fruit.  We have the best fresh food in Earlysville!! Lettuce Grow Farm also has  Gourmet Lettuce Blend, Beets, Turnips, Radishes, Zucchini, Squash, Cucumbers (first of the season!), Swiss Chard, and hopefully: Onions, Carrots, Kohlrabi & Herbs 🙂

Triple Squash!

Full Steam Ahead! Here are a few pictures from Eville Mkt 2011 Season, including new Vendors!

Our new location is working out very well for the ‘Marketeers’ and the customers. Everyone is pleased. An added BONUS is the wonderful food & drinks from the Eville Grill! A long shot looking down the market with vendors on either side:

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One of our new Vendors is John Watts  ( Saddle Hollow Plants 434 823-5809 ) from Crozet, VA, offering a very colorful selection of unusual varieties of Day Lilies as well as house plants.  The Purple Passion Plant is very popular.  Stop by John’s tent to hear an extremely vivid history of his lilies and then take some home with you!

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We are pleased to have Marleen Townsend and her daughter, Samara, from Lettuce Grow Farm in Barboursville, VA join us.   They set up a lovely, rich arrangement of their luscious home grown produce, including a rarity, chocolate mint, early in the season !  Please stop by their tent, which is usually down towards the end of the vendor grouping. Next we proudly present our CSA, Rocky Mtn Produce managed by Jason Stager.   You’ll probably see Karen and their daughter Samantha, manning the the tent while Jason tends the garden in Stanardsville, VA.   Karen lovingly make jams & jellies with their berries as well as some baked goods, including Snickerdoodle Cookies on a stick!   Their produce is a very welcome addition to our market, bringing our produce vendors up to a very merry 3