Week 3 coming up … pictures are forthcoming!

We are having a ton of fun at the Earlysville Farmers Market. 10 vendors thus far, 5 of which have fresh and local produce primarily. Beef, chicken, ham, pork barbecue, vegetarian cuisine and chutneys. Dinner is definitely doable. So swing on in the parking lot at Buck Mountain Episcopal Church Parish Hall parking lot. Stroll through our merry marketeers and let your imagination run wild with dinner plans.

You’ll find dessert also, of course, Cookies, cakes, sweet breads, madeleines, apples, if you’d rather skip the prepared dessert and go simple.

Come by! You just never know what you’ll discover beyond a great time!!


Waxing Nostalgic …. market from the past


So here is a taste of nostalgia.   Our set up from , hmmm, maybe 3 – 4 years ago?   In the parking lot at the main intersection in Earlysville, on the right just after passing Earlysville Rd & Earlysville forest Dr / Reas Ford Rd.   Remember??  Yeah, such good memories of days gone by at the market.


mkt set up in intersection parking lot

mkt set up in intersection parking lot

So we will set up this year either near the building on either side of the sidewalk or at the very end of the lot.  You’ll see us regardless and hopefully will also see our sign shortly.   Until May 7th!

2 months into the market, weather dominates!

7.3 stormy2 - Copy 7.3 stormy - CopyIt’s summer, the weather is unpredictable,  it seems that difficult weather lands on Thursdays, but I’m sure other markets think their day is the unlucky one, so I repeat, it is summer.   The market this day was dominated by rain, heavy with accompanying thunder and lightening.  We sat in our vehicles for about 20 minutes before deciding to vacate the parking lot.  I witnessed one customer appearing in rain gear and with vigilance rapped on Harold’s truck window.   So a transaction was accomplished in the pouring rain and thunder.  Harold and I ( who wants baked goods in the pouring rain?) then left, leaving John to fend for himself.  Apparently he entertained a few customers and arrived home soaking wet, including the truck interior, which he then employed a hair dryer to dry out .

On a positive, dry note, we welcome back, Lettuce Grow Farm.  They previously vended @ Eville Mkt for 3 yrs so we are so pleased to have them back.    Luscious vegetables, home grown, pesticide free, yummy and nutritious!

So drop by ……. THU 4 -7 pm, we have so much to offer for your healthy meals, including dessert, your well being, garden, satisfaction and smiles galore for a good time if you stop by the Earlysville Farmers Market!!

PUMPKIN DAY is approaching! Watch our signs!

The return of the PUMPKINS!  We will have pumpkins available at the market for kids to decorate.  The pumpkins are free as well as the decorations, so all you need to provide is the creative fun.   We will also set up our bean bag toss and have a “put the face on the pumpkin” game.     Come join us and have loads of fun… visit with our vendors and you’ll find lots of good food and crafts of course.   It is hard to believe the season is almost over!   We loved our new location and thank Mr Tippy Whyte for the chance to set up in this new location.   It has been a hot summer but the rain and stormy weather has not been a factor.