It’s time for Pizza…..No-Knead Pizza Crust: King Arthur Flour

Everyone love pizza, I think.  Just watching an ad for pizza on TV makes me crave it.   We’ll have lots more delightful fresh and local veggies from the market soon.   Why not slice up a selection of your finds and put ’em on a homemade pizza.  You can also make a quick sauce from market tomatoes and some fresh basil.  Hey, what about chopped ham, barbecue, grilled chicken for the pizza?   We have these items at the market.  Have fun, be creative.

Use this quick and easy recipe from King Arthur Flour to whip up a delicious pizza for dinner.     For toppings, assembly directions and photos visit the web page:

No-Knead Pizza Crust: King Arthur Flour.


No-knead yeast bread is a trend with legs. No longer a revolution, it’s morphed into evolution: from a simple loaf baked in a Dutch oven, we now have access to recipes for no-knead brioche, cinnamon buns… and pizza crust. Our thanks to Jim Lahey, of New York City’s Sullivan St. Bakery, for the inspiration for this version of no-knead pizza.

We add Hi-maize fiber to up the fiber in this pizza “invisibly;” no one will ever know they’re eating a high-fiber pizza. But leave it out if you like, substituting bread flour for the 1/2 cup of Hi-maize.

Finally, this is not your typical thin-crisp or soft-chewy crust. It’s somewhere in between; thin in spots, thicker in others, with crackly-hard edges and lots of chew. this is definitely crust you have to “grip and rip;” an adult-type crust, probably not suitable for little kids.

Read our blog about this pizza, with additional photos, at Flourish.




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We’re approaching mid season, have you stopped by yet?

We do offer such a wonderful variety of vegetables, color, aroma, sweet, sour and pickled items.   Pies, breads, cookies, tortes, gluten free, sugar free and all butter delights!  Free ranging chicken, barbecue pork, slaws, pesto, gosh you name it and we will provide you with fabulous meal fixings.    Top off with one, two or three of our dessert items too!

Books, soaps, lotions, birdhouses, plants, flowers, crocheted caps, hats and popcorn!

We see more of our former customers every week as well as new ones.  Yes, we are thrilled and lately the weather has been gorgeous.

Here are some of our amazing vendors’ handmade or grown items:

Margaret and Bruce Thacker''s plants

Margaret and Bruce Thacker”s plants


The Roper Family blueberries, soaps and more

The Roper birdhouses

The Roper birdhouses

Restoration Produce

Restoration Produce


Tomatoes, peppers, pickles etc

Harold Woodson Historical Book and his pickles

Harold Woodson Historical Book and his pickles

Harold Woodson's vegetables

Harold Woodson’s vegetables

Sylvanaqua Farms Breads, Eggs, Chicken

Sylvanaqua Farms Breads, Eggs, Chicken

Sylvanaqua Pies

Sylvanaqua Pies

P & J pickled items. YUM

P & J pickled items. YUM

P & J Greenhouse produce

P & J Greenhouse produce

Little Neva's Bakery Pound Cakes and Cookies

Little Neva’s Bakery Pound Cakes and Cookies

Ben's Baked Goods

Ben’s Baked Goods

Rocky Road Produce Berries

Rocky Road Produce Berries

Eggs, of course!

Eggs, of course!

We’ll capture more images soon.  Meanwhile do come by, again and again!!




Our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Day was a huge success!

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We had many children attend our decorating day last week.     Everyone had loads of fun.     We  created a very festive event, with the pumpkin decorating, “‘pin the face on the pumpkin” game as well as the bean bag toss.    We also were graced with lively music as a melodic accompaniment to the festivities.    Of course we had a fine showing of our wonderful vendors, offering the usual array of produce, apples, soaps, lotions, pottery, jewelry, baked goods and plants.      We are truly fortunate to have a loyal, supportive, talented group of vendors as well as our consistent supportive shoppers who attend the market.    Thank you all!   We may have a mascot for the market now…. check out the pictures below.   One of our vendors, daughter, Rebekah, made the handsome scarecrow.   I think he should

We hope to continue through October 13th.   If the weather, light and produce cooperate we may continue till the end of October.    You will have to stop by or look for our colorful tents.

The pumpkins are coming! The Pumpkins are coming!

It’s about time for our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Day!   SEPTEMBER 29th is the day the pumpkins roll in!   We provide the sweet, plump pie pumpkins,

( approximately 8″), the paints, stickers, glitter, jewels, etc and you just come by with your children and grandchildren and don’t forget

to bring your creative ideas,  so get ready for FUN at the Earlysville Farmers Market.

You of course will find our usual array of stupendous market vendors to fill your larder and refrigerator with good food, plants, and maybe some crafts to decorate your house.   After shopping and decorating you might wish to top off the event with an excellent burger or sandwich at the EVILLE GRILL.

We will have signs posted at the vendor tents as well as on the market signs so you won’t forget Pumpkin Day on the 29th!

SMILE ... the Pumpkins are here!! YEAH!!



We will also have our bean bag toss game, a ‘put the face on the pumpkin’ game and who knows what else we’ll have up our sleeves!     We hope to see you all on the 29th!

PUMPKIN DAY is approaching! Watch our signs!

The return of the PUMPKINS!  We will have pumpkins available at the market for kids to decorate.  The pumpkins are free as well as the decorations, so all you need to provide is the creative fun.   We will also set up our bean bag toss and have a “put the face on the pumpkin” game.     Come join us and have loads of fun… visit with our vendors and you’ll find lots of good food and crafts of course.   It is hard to believe the season is almost over!   We loved our new location and thank Mr Tippy Whyte for the chance to set up in this new location.   It has been a hot summer but the rain and stormy weather has not been a factor.