The distraction of some social media takes it’s toll on the creative aspects of blogging and veggie talk!

It’s been about month since my last market post. It’s not that we don’t have much to say but we can easily and quickly convey progress and information on our FB page. Unfortunate! FB has it’s place in the communication world since it keeps things fast and short but it’s too easy and quick!  I remember deriving so much pleasure out of creating a blog post, honing it, searching for the best descriptive words while announcing the latest market news.   I really must return regularly to this medium to expand on our market news!

John's juicy peaches

John’s tasty peaches


Savi selling her soothing salve

Savi selling her soothing salve


local blueberries

local blueberries


The weather has been hot and humid but thus far we have escaped the usual storms and rain that have plagued us in previous years.    Whatever the afternoon brings us, we do hope it brings us the smiling friendly faces of our steady customers.    The season is humming along  becoming more plentiful each week, filling up the vendor tables with wonderful choices for you.

Stop by.  We’ll be ever so glad to see ya!



2 months into the market, weather dominates!

7.3 stormy2 - Copy 7.3 stormy - CopyIt’s summer, the weather is unpredictable,  it seems that difficult weather lands on Thursdays, but I’m sure other markets think their day is the unlucky one, so I repeat, it is summer.   The market this day was dominated by rain, heavy with accompanying thunder and lightening.  We sat in our vehicles for about 20 minutes before deciding to vacate the parking lot.  I witnessed one customer appearing in rain gear and with vigilance rapped on Harold’s truck window.   So a transaction was accomplished in the pouring rain and thunder.  Harold and I ( who wants baked goods in the pouring rain?) then left, leaving John to fend for himself.  Apparently he entertained a few customers and arrived home soaking wet, including the truck interior, which he then employed a hair dryer to dry out .

On a positive, dry note, we welcome back, Lettuce Grow Farm.  They previously vended @ Eville Mkt for 3 yrs so we are so pleased to have them back.    Luscious vegetables, home grown, pesticide free, yummy and nutritious!

So drop by ……. THU 4 -7 pm, we have so much to offer for your healthy meals, including dessert, your well being, garden, satisfaction and smiles galore for a good time if you stop by the Earlysville Farmers Market!!