Earlysville Farmers Market extends season availability!

apples H pumpkins more eggs more pumps

Our vendors have decided to continue the market for as long as possible.  If our customers keep cominguick , are satisfied with what we offer, and the snow is not too deep, nor the temperature too prohibitive, a few of the vendors will continue to set up in the Parish Hall parking lot where we have been during the 2015 season.

We do have the freedom to set up in the Parish Hall building if the weather does pose a problem.

We should have pumpkins, gourds, apples, root vegetables, grass fed beef and chicken, sweet quick breads and other baked goods. Count on seeing relishes, pickles, salsa and jams as well.  We must not forget our EGGS, lots of eggs!


I would recommend the website below for heirloom seeds.


I just ordered seeds, chocolate bell peppers and Paul Robeson tomatoes included, and my order arrived today!  I will be sowing seeds indoors soon.   I set up my peat pots on narrow shelves in my south facing windows.  It’s so thrilling and lovely when the perky plants pop out over the tops of the pots!  Happy planting.   See you at the market in about 2 months.