Earlysville Farmers Market extends season availability!

apples H pumpkins more eggs more pumps

Our vendors have decided to continue the market for as long as possible.  If our customers keep cominguick , are satisfied with what we offer, and the snow is not too deep, nor the temperature too prohibitive, a few of the vendors will continue to set up in the Parish Hall parking lot where we have been during the 2015 season.

We do have the freedom to set up in the Parish Hall building if the weather does pose a problem.

We should have pumpkins, gourds, apples, root vegetables, grass fed beef and chicken, sweet quick breads and other baked goods. Count on seeing relishes, pickles, salsa and jams as well.  We must not forget our EGGS, lots of eggs!


Summer Recipes for a Crock Pot | Eating Well

I am certain you will find these recipes easy to use this summer.  Crock Pots are wonderful time savers, or should I say freer uppers!!  Assemble the meal in the morning and spend the day at the pool, gardening, take a day trip, go to a civil war battlefield,  whatever, then stop at the market on your way home for some veggies, fruit and/ or dessert!!   Enjoy that delish meal you already have waiting upon your return!

Summer Recipes for a Crock Pot | Eating Well.

see the recipes

REMEMBER………. in case you crave PULLED PORK and don’t have it cooking in the crock pot, you can pick up locally made pulled pork from our #1 Favorite Vendor 2011, John Faulknier.   He and wife Pat make delicious pulled pork.  Look for their wooden PIG sign at their produce tent at the Earlysville Farmers Market.

Our Market has such unusually GOOD produce

Take a look at this unique unusually good yellow squash grown on Lettuce Grow Farm, in Barboursville.    Make sure you stop by our market to see all manner of unique produce and fruit.  We have the best fresh food in Earlysville!! Lettuce Grow Farm also has  Gourmet Lettuce Blend, Beets, Turnips, Radishes, Zucchini, Squash, Cucumbers (first of the season!), Swiss Chard, and hopefully: Onions, Carrots, Kohlrabi & Herbs 🙂

Triple Squash!

Our Best Healthy Pie Recipes – Cooking Light

Our Best Healthy Pie Recipes – Cooking Light.  Check out the  website.  These recipes look just yummy, if you’d like to bake a few pies.

It is hard to beat the pies from Little Neva’s Bakery or Scratch to Finish  sold at our market

but it is fun and rewarding to make your own on occasion!

Sassy Strawberry Rhubarb Pie







Awesome Apple Pie

The Market has been extended through the end of October

Autumn is a refreshing & invigorating month. As the leaves change colors and drift to the ground it signals the end of the market season for us. We have decided though, to set up for 2 more weeks, Oct 20 & 27th.      That will be the end of our season for 2011.

The adjusted hours are now 4 – 6:30 pm do to the ever decreasing light, as time slips by.

Hope to see you there for the final weeks.

Last week was a rainy day for shoppers and vendors.     This week will be chilly but hopefully dry!    We continue to have our superb selection of produce, EGGS and baked goods. The RENMAN, may be there this week offering his magnificent soaps, lotions, oils and more.

Vendors will be offering our MARKET MONEY for shoppers to use next season in 2012.   We hope to see you and THANK YOU for supporting us this year!!!!   Perhaps we’ll have some surprises for the new year.  Check in on our news here on the blog occasionally.

Come visit with our ‘regular’ vendors from past years.

We are thrilled to continue with  John Faulknier’s Produce, ggbeads jewelry, Scratch to Finish ( Brubeck’s Bakery), Little Neva’s Bakery,  Summers Rest ( Trish & Rachael) produce, flowers & baked goods, Norma K’s jewelry & hair accessories and Tom, of The  Renaissance Man, displaying his fragrant soaps, lotions and oils.  Some photos are courtesy of Ben Brubeck!


Full Steam Ahead! Here are a few pictures from Eville Mkt 2011 Season, including new Vendors!

Our new location is working out very well for the ‘Marketeers’ and the customers. Everyone is pleased. An added BONUS is the wonderful food & drinks from the Eville Grill! A long shot looking down the market with vendors on either side:

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One of our new Vendors is John Watts  ( Saddle Hollow Plants 434 823-5809 ) from Crozet, VA, offering a very colorful selection of unusual varieties of Day Lilies as well as house plants.  The Purple Passion Plant is very popular.  Stop by John’s tent to hear an extremely vivid history of his lilies and then take some home with you!

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We are pleased to have Marleen Townsend and her daughter, Samara, from Lettuce Grow Farm in Barboursville, VA join us.   They set up a lovely, rich arrangement of their luscious home grown produce, including a rarity, chocolate mint, early in the season !  Please stop by their tent, which is usually down towards the end of the vendor grouping. Next we proudly present our CSA, Rocky Mtn Produce managed by Jason Stager.   You’ll probably see Karen and their daughter Samantha, manning the the tent while Jason tends the garden in Stanardsville, VA.   Karen lovingly make jams & jellies with their berries as well as some baked goods, including Snickerdoodle Cookies on a stick!   Their produce is a very welcome addition to our market, bringing our produce vendors up to a very merry 3