The season has ended, we’ve folded our tents ….


DSCN2785The ubiquitous ‘pop up’ vendor tent, the constant at most markets, aside from our product, has folded up for perhaps the winter, resting, like the plants till spring!    These tents while colorful and sun shading, can be a handful to manipulate, they don’t always easily ‘pop up’, get tossed in the wind, break or bend legs and thus will not be missed by their owners for this downtime!

Our friendly vendors and customers will be missed though.    The season passed quickly and for the most part without hazardous weather events and humid high heat.  A lovely season.  We have reestablished ourselves with many more vendors, much more to offer and happy customers, happy vendors.

Thank you to our loyal customers and to our wonderful vendors.   2015 will be here before we know it.  We will keep you all informed on the start date and location of the Earlysville Farmers Market.

Some of our vendors may already be thinking of what you’d love to see for next year.  Visions of vegetables, meat, eggs and more will dance in their heads, plans will be made, the fruits of their labor will provide color, vitality and nutrition for your table.  Can’t wait to see what we’ll have for 2015.  Exciting!

Happy Holidays!


katie cards DSCN2892


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