2 months into the market, weather dominates!

7.3 stormy2 - Copy 7.3 stormy - CopyIt’s summer, the weather is unpredictable,  it seems that difficult weather lands on Thursdays, but I’m sure other markets think their day is the unlucky one, so I repeat, it is summer.   The market this day was dominated by rain, heavy with accompanying thunder and lightening.  We sat in our vehicles for about 20 minutes before deciding to vacate the parking lot.  I witnessed one customer appearing in rain gear and with vigilance rapped on Harold’s truck window.   So a transaction was accomplished in the pouring rain and thunder.  Harold and I ( who wants baked goods in the pouring rain?) then left, leaving John to fend for himself.  Apparently he entertained a few customers and arrived home soaking wet, including the truck interior, which he then employed a hair dryer to dry out .

On a positive, dry note, we welcome back, Lettuce Grow Farm.  They previously vended @ Eville Mkt for 3 yrs so we are so pleased to have them back.    Luscious vegetables, home grown, pesticide free, yummy and nutritious!

So drop by ……. THU 4 -7 pm, we have so much to offer for your healthy meals, including dessert, your well being, garden, satisfaction and smiles galore for a good time if you stop by the Earlysville Farmers Market!!


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