Yes, We are Open for Business !!

You really should stop by the Eville Market to check out the 15 types of tomato plants, early greens and green eggs, but no ham!  Yes we are thrilled to have Harold Woodson, John Faulknier  ( and his Barbecue Pork), Ben’s Quick Breads, Rocky Road Produce, Buck Mountain Farms  PLUS the new growers / producers:  Sylvanaqua Farms , Phantom Hill Farm and Restoration Produce .

Returning this year we have P & J Greenhouse & Gardens , Little Neva’s Bakery  and perhaps others will pop in.

We are excited, can you tell??   You’ll find great people, produce, eggs, breads, plants, flowers, baked goods and a whole lot more so do come by frequently!   We’ll be sure to have photos soon.

You may remember the days we gave out our Market Money?   Well, of course we will be spreading it around this season for you to use at any vendor this season.   Be on the lookout!

mkt $$

So folks we are at the market, all set for customers.    More news to follow!


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