Winter is here and snow is on the way

I have stepped away from this blog, given the fact that our market is closed for the season but Happy New Year to all might find this post in their email inbox or happen upon it as you cruise the web!

To recap, our pumpkin day was very successful, approximately 30 children came to decorate pumpkins.  Because I have been unable to attend the market I do not have pictures to share but I am sure you can conjure up images of pipe cleaners, paints, stickers and other paraphernalia flying as the kids worked their magic on their respective pumpkins.   It certainly is a pleasure to offer this event to the kids.

There are some new, exciting happenings occurring in Eville, so right now I have yet to verify that the market will open in the same location.    There are also new FDA regulations on the horizon which may affect farmers markets, so I will keep everyone informed as soon as I have information to share.   Meanwhile, as I m grabbing my snow shovel from the shed so it’s handy for the potential snowfall, I have picked a new colander full of mixed greens from my sleeping garden.   So refreshing and cheerful to see the array of green leaves popping up from the ground and equally as refreshing to consume them!

greens, pot pie etc 002fudge pie, vd box, short cookies 045

fudge pie, vd box, short cookies 047

To contrast that lettuce mix, I have included a picture of our Christmas tree, which is still up, still fragrant, too fresh to throw out, left rejected & forgotten.   I have it lit up today since it is such a dark dreary, wet day.  Enjoy yourself and I’ll be in touch!   Happy snow!


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