We have moved again! Just across the vast parking lot!!

We are back at our first year location and hopefully we will stay there for seasons to come.  We are now next to Whytes store ( formerly! ), on the grass, set up on either side of the service road.  That is on the opposite side of the property from last years’ location.  YOU CAN”T MISS OUR TENTS and vehicles.  Lots of room for customer parking, maneuvering and vendors.

We currently have approximately 21 vendors signed up so please stop in regularly to experience our variety.  Hopefully we will have pictures soon!  Expect to see Tall Cotton Farm for a wonderful meat selection; beef, chicken, pork, eggs.  They were with us during our first year and we are very pleased to have them back with us.  PLANTS, lovely, thriving potted plants, flowers and young Japanese Maples, Duck eggs, candles,  pulled pork barbecue and so much more!

Dinner ingredients abound at our market!  Healthful food with dessert available!  Come by, we’d love to see you!


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