Fruit and vegetables can actually make you glow!

There are so many reasons to eat lots of fresh, crisp vegetables and fruit, especially locally grown, as we all know.   Vibrant colors,  aromatic, so fine to look at,  the minerals and vitamins seem to jump out at you.   You can taste them as you chew!    Remember digestion starts in the mouth, so make sure to chew 50 – 100 times.  That is difficult, you really have to concentrate, which means you take your time therefore perhaps it could be a weight loss technique!  Naturally veggies have a high water content, so they fill you up and are low in calories so you can eat lots.   Fruit does contain more calories and is a simple carbohydrate but imparts quite a lot of healthful benefits.  It is much better to eat the whole fruit as opposed to juice because you have the benefit of the fiber.   So apparently, as you will read in the article below, when you eat more fruit and veggies, 2 extra servings, you will notice a change in your skin….. you exhibit a healthy glow and we’re not talking radioactive!    We’re talking happy skin, which is the largest organ of your body.

fruit, vegetables, skin, tone, attractive, pretty, beautiful,.   from ‘Wellbeing’

soft and moist, slightly sweet melons

tomatoes and squash, great in salads, soups, sauteed, sauces


So, make sure to stop often and stock up on our fruit and veggies.   Make your skin happy!  Smile, you’re feel good, inside and out!


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