The pumpkins are coming! The Pumpkins are coming!

It’s about time for our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Day!   SEPTEMBER 29th is the day the pumpkins roll in!   We provide the sweet, plump pie pumpkins,

( approximately 8″), the paints, stickers, glitter, jewels, etc and you just come by with your children and grandchildren and don’t forget

to bring your creative ideas,  so get ready for FUN at the Earlysville Farmers Market.

You of course will find our usual array of stupendous market vendors to fill your larder and refrigerator with good food, plants, and maybe some crafts to decorate your house.   After shopping and decorating you might wish to top off the event with an excellent burger or sandwich at the EVILLE GRILL.

We will have signs posted at the vendor tents as well as on the market signs so you won’t forget Pumpkin Day on the 29th!

SMILE ... the Pumpkins are here!! YEAH!!



We will also have our bean bag toss game, a ‘put the face on the pumpkin’ game and who knows what else we’ll have up our sleeves!     We hope to see you all on the 29th!


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