It has been a HOT, humid, at times windy and rainy summer here at the Market but we continue to set up and present our bounty to you, the community!

It is our pleasure and commitment to be at Buck Mountain Episcopal Church Parish Hall parking lot each and every Thursday from 4 – 7 pm through mid October or whenever the weather and existing light has its way with us!   We have lost some vendors, due to the continuing  heat, but we are certain that new vendors will appear or old ones will return.    Our flower lady, Katharine, may be back when the days become cooler and her flowers have hopefully had longer drinks.  We do hope you pass on the word about our market and we expect to grow as the word spreads and we have settled in a good location.    So far we are happy in the Parish Hall parking lot, we may tweak our set up a bit but we think we are here to stay.

Stop by the Market Manager’s tent ( Little Neva’s Bakery ) to pick up market info and fill out comment/ suggestion forms which you may drop off with any vendor!   Feel free to leave your email address so we can keep you informed of news and pertinent information about the market.



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