The fragrance and color of summer can be found at the Earlysville Farmers Market!

Tom Curtis, The Renaissance Man, has been coming to our market since we started this spring.   He offers an amazing selection of handmade, pure, healthful lotions, soaps, bath salts and essential oils.   He uses the best & purest botanical and /or organic ingredients for his products.  You can also find a unique dog shampoo bar, which he creates in his lab.  Tom brings with him an ever present aroma which at times can fill the market area.  You can always tell when Tom is here and that is meant to be taken in a purely delightful manner.   Tom and his wares can also be found at the Orange and  Mineral markets as well as many area shows, fairs, and in retail stores.  For more information contact Tom on the web: or email Tom:  540 832 5588.


Trish Kenney resides in  Earlysville where she can be found busily keeping her ample garden brimming with beautiful vegetables.   She brings wonderful freshly baked breads as well as her berries and veggies to our market.  Her daughter, Rachael, has been very busy in the kitchen this summer, mixing various doughs early in the morning, turning them into gorgeous pastries, scones and muffins.    Together they create a colorful display for you at the market.


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