WE OPEN THE MARKET ON THURSDAY APRIL 29 FROM 4 – 7 pm! Stop by and start the new season with us! Our email address is: evillefarmersmkt@embarqmail.com




George Cason has been selling his vegetables and fruit for many years.   You can find him at many markets in the area.   We are pleased to have him join us for a second year.   He and his brother Jack are the ‘Kings’ of the markets’ , the gentlemen who started the ‘farmers markets’ in our area.   Come by his stand and thank him for his years of dedication to the art of farming.


THE ‘COOKIE CHIX’ Lady : Betsy Vanderpool


Norma Kramer : Jewelry & Hair Accessories and More!   

Stunning woven necklaces, colorful  and adorable hair accessories, earring & necklace sets, and more to look at.  Norma always has a wonderful variety of handmade items.  Pick out a charming bow for your daughter’s hair or an oh so cute headband.   Look carefully at her wide variety of earrings.   There’s always something to fill your needs.


Randy Crossman :  Our SALSA Man Extraordinaire!

Many varieties, hand made and you choose your favorite level of HEAT from those amazing HOT peppers!  


Katharine Hannigan :   Gorgeous FLOWERS, lovely colors, varieties, sizes, aromas and beauty,  She’ll gather the flowers of your choosing into a marvelous bouquet to carry home.   She makes some wonderful melon and lemon drinks too!   They hit the spot on those warm days at the market.



Making jewelry has been a wonderful, creative endeavor for Gayle.  Every piece of jewelry she makes is a one of a kind, unique piece.  Gayle uses semiprecious stones, beads, wood, and recently have become captivated by Kazuri Beads from Kenya for their beauty and the life they give to the women who make them.
You can see many of her pieces on her website at: www.ggbeadsbyhand.com .  Please make sure to read the information on the Kazuri Bead page as you fall in love with their beauty.
Do stop by as we know you will enjoy Gayle’s jewelry,


Wendy Russo : Little Neva’s Bakery

Website:  www.littlenevasbakery.com

Contact the bakery at:  littlenevasbakery@gmail.com

Homemade, simply good treats and desserts.   Made with the finest, freshest ingredients.  Lots of butter and pure extracts and a master hand!  Uniquely shaped Frosted Sugar Cookies, Freedom Cakes, VA Brown ( gingerbread) Bears,  VA Black Bears ( dense cocoa), Linzer Tortes, Baklava, to name a few.  Take with you, ship or have then delivered!  Her kitchen is VDACS inspected.

Life is unpredictable.  Eat cookies whenever you can!

Wendy is also the Market Manager so please do contact her if you have comments or questions regarding the Earlysville Farmers Market!

EMAIL:   evillefarmersmkt@embarqmail.com      OR call: 434 978-2058!


Nancy Goodman:  Fabric Appliqued Tote Bags

Nancy has been selling at the Charlottesville Market for many years now and has added the Earlysville Farmers Market to her schedule.    Her hand sewn bags are unique in design and character.   Stop by and spend a few minutes looking through her selection.  You can also order a bag if you need a specific design.  Nancy is very receptive and accommodating to your needs!


” Scratch to Finish”   Michelle Brubeck makes all her wonderful items ‘from scatch to finish’!!   Among the baked goods you will find homemade breads, cookies, pies and more.  We not only sell baked goods but also have CANDLES, SOAPS, and FABRIC CRAFTS.  You an also pick up a dozen of our FRESH BROWN EGGS while you’re there.

Be sure to check us out, the next time you’re in the neighborhood!

the Brubeck kids man the ‘Kids Craft Table’, too.   So if you want time to browse you mat deposit your kids at the crafts table where they will have lots of creative fun!


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